10 most common reasons why people use self-storage units

Every day more and more people are looking into getting a storage unit. The reasons do vary of course, as some may be outgrowing their current space, others may just be looking for a place to declutter their houses and businesses attic and basement. There are a number of small businesses of people working from home that are demanding these storage units in order to store old files and documents they may need to refer to later but do not have space in their homes.

People are looking to self-storage space to provide that extra space needed and at minimal cost. The most outstanding advantage about self-storage space is that all your stuff is safe and secure giving you peace of mind and focus onto more important tasks. Here are some reasons why you should also consider getting a self-storage unit:

Running Out of Space at Home

Decluttering a home has never been an easy task for anyone as most people feel the need to hang onto stuff ‘just in case’. They may be thinking of how they will, in some later date, pass them on. It could be a bike, bookcase, Hi-Fi system or even a bed. Many people are storing furniture for when the time comes when the kids need to make a jump ahead and will need all the help they will need.

Moving to A New House

It is not uncommon for people moving out of their old homes before moving into a new home to avoid losing a sale. But where do you put all your belongings during that gap period? If this is your dilemma a self-storage unit is an ideal answer for you. But maybe you are planning to downsize, especially after the kids move out, and you don’t want to lose or sell any of those pieces yet. A self-storage unit will guarantee that your belongings are safe and secure and in their original condition as you decide on what to do with them.


If it is about that time where you need to call in builders to erect an extension and you have goosebumps just thinking of what might happen to all your stuff in the process, the ideal option to safeguard your precious belongings would be a self-storage unit.

Baby on The Way

If you have a new addition on their way and you need to completely declutter and clear a spare bedroom, you don’t have to put everything on eBay as you may want some of the things to stay with you. The bed, furniture and all the unused and stuff you don’t need will do well in a self-storage unit and you get your spare room for your young one.


Gap Year

As students take on the brave new world of work they prefer to spend a year travelling. But this comes with a dilemma of where to put all their belongings between their end year and when they rent or lease a studio apartment. A small self-storage unit will be enough to get all the stuff they have acquired over the 3 or 4 years at university.

A self-storage unit is ideal to cater for all your storage needs with minimal effect on your budget.