20 Great Storage Tips For Organizing Your Home

If you’re struggling at home with disorganization and clutter, you may find that it’s quite a difficult task to get yourself and your family back on track. However, the task is not impossible. There are a number of things you can consider when you want to organize your home in terms of storage. We’re going to show you what some of those things are, right here in the tips below.


  1. You can create more counter space in your kitchen by installing an appliance lift that goes into your cabinet.
  2. Use slide out racks to store your pots and pans.
  3. Above your cabinet, install a dish-drying cabinet.
  4. Store your root veggies and bread in pull-out drawers.
  5. Use a spare drawer to store your fold-out ironing board.
  6. Put up hooks in your cabinet, that you can use to hang your measuring spoons.
  7. Create extra room in your shower by storing your towels on a second shower curtain rod.
  8. Install a magnetic strip to hold onto bobby pins and tweezers, to prevent them from getting lost.
  9. If there is any unused space in your bathroom, install a small shelf in it.
  10. Store your toilet necessities into an in-wall cabinet.
  11. Hide away your dog bed underneath your platform bed.
  12. Store your phone or glasses on the picture ledge beside or behind your bed.
  13. Hang your belts on paper towel holders to keep them organized.
  14. Store oddly-shaped toys on a pegboard.
  15. Label your kids’ dresser to help them organize their clothes.
  16. Create a shallow shelf behind a door to store your books.
  17. Store away your printer in a drawer or cabinet until you are ready to use it.
  18. Create a fancy filing cabinet from a chest or a bench.
  19. Add strong hooks to your garage ceiling to store your bikes horizontally.
  20. Use a dispenser to hold all your heavy-duty tapes.


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