A central drive thru lane is best for self storage

Lately more and more people are turning to self-storage as a solution to managing space that has become too cluttered.  Self-storage units can be a cost effective solution if you’re looking to store some furniture, archive your business paperwork, put your things in a safe place for a while or to store holiday and seasonal items to de-clutter your house.

Self storage is a solution that offers both personal and business users a storage space they can control and access 24/7 with security that protects goods in a climate controlled environment. Self storage allows you to rent storage space where you can keep goods and belongings in special facilities that are designed for the safe keeping of goods. Instead of the traditional storage methods where you have a storage organization keep things on your behalf with no flexibility, high charges and limited access. Self-storage gives you a do it yourself option with many additional benefits.

But not all self storage facilities are designed the same!

When you rent a self-storage space it will be self-contained and fully enclosed and can vary in size according to your specific needs and budget. You could be looking at as small a space as a closet through to a unit big enough to store a boat, the entire contents of your house or extensive business archives. This is a storage alternative that is extremely flexible and cost effective. You can choose to store pretty much anything you want to in a space that you choose and for as long as you wish. You can also access self-storage spaces any time of day unlike traditional storage methods found in some condos or outdoor storage facilities.

A central drive thru lane makes it easy to access your storage unit

One of the things you have to keep in mind when using self-storage is that you have to move your stuff in and out of the facility in most cases. Most storage facilities have a drive thru lane or an entry access on one side of the building however this means that if your storage unit is on the other side of the building you have a long haul to bring your goods to and from  your storage locker.

The solution is found in Just Right Self Storage where there is a massive drive thru lane that is well lit from both natural and electric lighting and provides very easy access to all units equally spaced apart. Plus there are 5 elevators that can help you access your unit if you are on the second floor. This means that you will rarely wait to bring your goods up to your storage unit compared to other facilities that do not offer this level of convenience.

A central drive thru lane in a storage facility just makes more sense and at Just Right Self Storage we are proud to offer this level of convenience to our self storage customers in Ottawa when they purchase a storage locker from us to store their goods.