A Self Storage Facility is a Great Resource for Real Estate Agents


The job of a real estate agent is tougher than one might think. There is paper work to take care of, clients to set meetings with, property to manage, prospects to find and much more. One of such inevitable problems that real estate agents face is that of storage for their files and even recommending a great storage facility for their clients to make their move efficient and stress free. Now as simple as it sounds, finding a reliable place for storing important things can prove to be quite hectic. And as a real estate agent, that’s the last thing you would want. Luckily for you we have the perfect solution with our Ottawa storage facility located in the heart of downtown and easily accessible from all points of the city.

Just Right Self Storage Ottawa offers the best storage services and everything that is related to it. Our organization is a pioneer in the storage industry and we are very well known by thousands of individuals for our secure and cost-effective services. From state of the art security setup and video surveillance amenities to full time access to the organizations staff and help department for any of your question or inquires, Just Right has it all. So why should you, as a real estate agent, take interest in this amazing organization?

Well for one, there is so much you can get out of all the additional storage option to improve your business and even your customer relationships. Real estate agents can find reliable and affordable self-storage facilities to be a great resource to boost up their brand recognition in their target demographic. We will provide you with a very safe alternative to store all your valuable data, notes and files. With all your important files stored at a very accessible and very safe place, you would be able to easily access them whenever you want and can thus make important decisions about your business without much hassle. Real estate agents could also provide their clients with referral coupons so that the can make their moving procedure that much easier during the transitioning period. This simple deed will allow you to have better relationships with your customer, which is the most important thing in this line of business. There are also many other uses of services that our Ottawa storage facility provides. With this reliable storage alternative at your disposal, you can easily manage to clear up the house you are going to show to your clients and get rid of all the unnecessary furniture to help the client relate themselves to the property.


“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”

– Aristotle Onassis


In the end, business is all about competition and only those are destined to succeed who make the most of a given opportunity. So join hands with Just Right Self Storage Ottawa now and get that much closer to a memorable and profitable business presence.