Advantages of Placing Your Prized Possessions in Climate Controlled Storage Units

You may find yourself the owner countless odds and ends, but also the owner of little or no space to store them. If you haven’t considered it, renting a self-storage unit may be the perfect thing for you.


But wait! A simple old storage unit may not be the best place for that rare first edition, your great grandma photos, or that antique leather sofa. What are you going to do?


Fear not, you can just rent a climate controlled unit!


No sweat. Literally!


Climate controlled units have become very popular over the past couple years, and most self-storage facilities provide this feature for their customers. Although they cost a bit more than your standard storage unit, the added cost compared to your peace of mind is trivial.


With climate control units, you can keep your prized possessions at the optimum temperature and humidity for as long as you like. They can be kept in their best condition and prevent that dreaded damage from heat and light .You also don’t have to worry about the extreme temperatures in the summer and winter.


These special units reduce risk of damage by means of heating and cooling appliances to keep your items at a safe temperature, usually between 50 and 85 degrees.


Not all climate control units are equipped with humidity control. Those that do, controls the amount of moisture in the air and keep it at the optimum level. It is possible to be too humid or not humid enough. Humidity control is important for your antiques and old photos. If there is too much or too little moisture your valuables may crack, distort in shape, stick together or rot.


The air quality inside these units are also excellent. Since they are sealed differently from the standard storage units, you wouldn’t have the need to ‘air out’ your valuables to get rid of that musty smell. This would be a good factor to consider when storing delicate electronics or documents.


Climate controlled units are generally well secured; placed inside structures with sealed and protected roofs, walls, and floors. This make units less vulnerable to exposure to dirt and other contaminants, or even minor floods. Because they’re indoors, there isn’t an opportunity for rodents or insects to make their nest in your valuables.


Another benefit to consider is that you will have way less dust and debris finding its way into your unit. You’ll come back your valuables just the way you left them, whether you store them for a month, a year, or a century(probably).


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