Basic Tips For Packing Your Self-Storage Unit

There are a number of things that you should know as it relates to the best ways to pack your self-storage unit. You want your items to remain safe and sound when in storage, especially if they’re going to be there for longer periods of time.

However, before you can think about how to pack your self-storage unit, you should ensure that the space you rent it a suitable space. There’s really no point in renting a large unit for only a few, small items from your home because you’d only be paying for unused space. You can talk to us if you aren’t very sure of what you need in terms of storage space and packing tips.

In terms of packing tips for your self-storage units, here are some things you need to know. You should…

  • Get rid of the clutter. Things that you don’t really need or use, but are just taking up valuable space, can be classified of clutter.
  • Always label the boxes that you’re using to store your items so that you can recognize them immediately and not have to open them to see what’s inside.
  • Prepare your unit’s flooring to protect your items inside the unit and also to make the furniture easier to shift the larger items (like furniture) around.
  • Pack your boxes carefully, remembering not to overfill your boxes with items that are too heavy or will be difficult to move around.
  • Place the heavier items at the bottom when storing and at store the lighter items on top of them. Try to leave an aisle in-between the aisles so that you can easily access them. Hide your more valuable items at the back of the unit to keep them more secure.
  • Avoid storing any chemicals, paints or combustible items in your storage unit

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