Best Way To Store Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl music may be really old school, but you’d be surprised how much they’re worth nowadays. This age is all about digital music, but vinyl music seems to be pushing its head back into the spotlight. It has even been reported that vinyl records sales have increased by 52% last year.
That’s exactly why you shouldn’t throw away your collection of them. Keep them around or store them away (properly).
• Take care in handling them: Make sure that you wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you handle them. Only touch the edges and the label areas of the records.

• Keep them vertical: Make sure that you store them vertically and don’t let them lay on top of each other, especially if they’ll be in storage for a long time.

• Get the right storage container: If you’re going to keep the records standing vertically, you’ll need a container that can facilitate that. Use record cases or crates or even whine crates or book boxes for them.

• Keep them in their sleeves: Your vinyl records need protection from dust, dirt and scratches, so don’t remove them from their sleeves. However, if their sleeves begin to deteriorate, you should replace them immediately.

• Store them in a cool, dry area: Make sure that the area where you store your records are away from direct light and heat. Try to get a comfortable room temperature that’s between 65 – 70 degrees. Also, try to keep the humidity level between 45 – 50 percent. For storing the records in a self-storage unit, a climate-control unit would be a good idea.

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