Business Self Storage in Ottawa is a Good Investment

Running a business can sometimes mean running out of space. If your business generates a lot of files that you must retain for several years (or indefinitely) or you are a contractor or trades person then you can definitely take advantage of all of the benefits a secure, climate-controlled self storage unit in Ottawa can offer your business.

Your storage unit acts as an extension of your work space or office, providing the perfect place to store your tools, files, and equipment. A major benefit is that you have access to this office extension 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you can rest assured knowing that your goods are safe and protected with our state-of-the-art security system every minute of the day.

Is your business expanding? Are you relocating or restructuring your business? If so, you will likely need extra space to store your important files, equipment, tools, and furniture. Your Ottawa self storage unit with Just Right Self Storage is a flexible space to make your business changes transparent to your customers.

When you consider the increasing costs of retail space compared to the extremely affordable costs of a self storage solution it makes sense to store your goods in a local storage unit. Typically one fifth of the investment in retail space you can have a low cost and practical solution for your storage needs.

Give us a call to store your records with us or anything else your business needs to securely store in a space outside of your office or work space.