Businesses that You can Run from a Self Storage Unit in Ottawa

Are you looking to start a business? Perhaps you are running a business already out of your home and you are finding that your home is becoming cluttered with business supplies, files and paperwork as well as your inventory and products. A growing trend is of course running a home-based business but there is also an increasing trend in small businesses renting long-term storage units in a storage facility in Ottawa. Storage units are much more affordable than office space when it comes to packing in inventory or files etc. per square foot and also storage units for business use allow you to separate your home life from your business life which can often be a struggle for many small business owners.

So if you are starting a business or looking to start one, here are some examples of businesses that can be run out of a storage unit in Ottawa.

Reseller Businesses

Many people are starting businesses where they sell products on eBay, Amazon or Etsy that they purchase for a discount at places like Walmart, flea markets and more. If you are looking to make some money on the side or even full time as many people have been able to achieve from being a third-party reseller of discount goods then a storage unit would be perfect for this business as you will have adequate, safe and secure, climate-controlled storage for your inventory in between sales and prior to shipment. With 24/7 access to your storage unit you will be able to access your inventory at any time to prepare shipments to your customers as well.

Small Job Handyman or General Mr./Mrs. Fixit

A lot of people are becoming handy men and women, opting to take on smaller jobs that many larger contractors pass up and there is a growing market for these type of customers because many people don’t want to pay inflated contractor prices just to get minor repairs done and things fixed around their house. Starting this business is relatively simple with much of the advertising being done by word of mouth and online, but where do you store all of your equipment and tools? It becomes profitable when you own your own tools vs. having to rent them for each job and not having the right tools can mean that jobs take you a lot longer or are not done properly. Investing in the right tools to do the repair work is crucial but storing them in your home will likely not be an option as they will take up a lot of space and can get lost or even damaged. The best thing to do is get yourself some storage in Ottawa with a spacious and affordable storage unit that will house all of your contractor tools and equipment.

Photo Studio

With some minor adjustments, a storage unit can actually be a great place for a photo shoot. Storage units are spacious enough and with some adequate lighting and backdrop setup you can be up and running taking photos of people or business products to showcase them for businesses. With the right setup, no one would even know that your photos were taken in a storage facility. Renting a storage locker in Ottawa is much more affordable than renting a professional studio to do the same work and you will have 24/7 access to work around your busy life schedule. Plus you will be able to leave your setup there so that you can always come and be ready to shoot within minutes without having to setup anything else.

There are literally hundreds more ideas that can be brought to life and become thriving businesses with the help of self storage in Ottawa. Give it some thought and find the perfect business idea for you and then go full force at the market and start your new career. Take advantage of our affordable and centrally located storage in downtown Ottawa to make your dreams a reality!