Cleaning Out Your Storage Unit in Ottawa

If your self-storage unit is over packed and untidy it can become home to rats and other creatures than manage to find their way in. There are benefits to keeping your storage unit clean. Check out the following tips on cleaning out your self-storage unit.

Clean it out completely

When your storage unit gets too congested you have to give it a thorough clean out. You may be tempted to just grab a few things or redistribute how you packed it but that won’t be enough. You need to clean the unit out completely. Doing so will allow you to be able to sweep out the unit and better organize your stuff. It will also give you a chance to clean out any trash that may have accumulated or items that you don’t need again.

Sweep out

Take the time out to sweep. Keep an eye out for any evidence of bugs or rodents and if you spot any report it to management. Check with the storage personnel on best procedures for placing traps or spraying insecticide.

Organize Your Storage

It’s going to be pretty pointless if you’re unable to get back into the unit after packing everything, so make sure you organize your unit in a way that allows you to get back in easily. Place furniture and shelves that you have to the sides. Put the items you are less likely to use anytime soon to the rear and keep things you will need easily accessible. Label your boxes so you know what’s in each one. Protect valuable items like furniture with heavy blankets or coverings so that they are not damaged if other items are placed on top.

Search for lost treasures

If you’ve used a storage unit for a long period of time, there’s a chance that you’ve stored away items that you remember storing. Take the time to look through and search for lost treasures that you may not need, but someone else may have use for it.

Have a garage sale

If after cleaning out you recognize that you have an abundance of items, consider having a garage sale and turning some of those unneeded items into cash. You may also want to look around the house for other items that you don’t regularly use. This way, you can prevent having to add more to the storage unit later.