Collecting Vino? Here is a Guide to Home Wine Storage

Most avid wine collectors would know that it is ideal to store wine in a horizontal position so that you can preserve the quality of the wine. This is why home wine storage racks are specifically designed to maximize the life of your delicious bottles of vino. Additionally if your wine has been bottled with a natural cork, storing them in this fashion can ensure that your cork will not dry out. The problem with a cork that is drying out is that the cork will shrink and let in some air which will start the oxidization process that can spoil the taste of your wine that you are trying to preserve. Most home wine storage racks even have individual storage compartments that can hold each bottle which is ideal for creating a good circulation of air between each of your wine bottles.

When it comes to the room temperature, it is best to store your wines in a relatively consistent temperature of 12-13 degrees Celsius. Additionally the storage area should be humidity controlled and away from light to best preserve your wine.


Is Your Wine Collection Growing Rapidly?

You may find that your wine collection is growing to the point that you are running out of storage and if you do not have a wine cellar then you may be looking for some alternative places to store your collection. To ensure that you have some on hand there are wall rack storage units available for sale that are affordable and offer a convenient hanging place for a few bottles that can be kept in arms reach without taking up too much of your valuable space in your kitchen or dining area. There are other types of wine storage racks that can sit on top of your counter in your kitchen as well to provide you with some handy wine storage space as well as some really crafty storage containers that are made out of wood such as pine, oak and mahogany if you are looking for something that is a little more interesting and polished to look at while taking up only a little more space than the counter-top storage units.

Many modern wine storage racks are made out of metal and crafted iron that provide a nice touch to your home’s décor and offer ample secure storage for your wine collection to have on hand while the rest of your wine collection is safely tucked away in your wine cellar.


Don’t Have A Wine Cellar, No Problem

If you don’t have a wine cellar then perhaps you should consider some off-site storage in a humidity controlled facility such as our storage facility in the heart of Ottawa.