College Students and Decluttering

Now here’s a couple that doesn’t seem to go together. College students…decluttering…unheard of! College students are like very large teenagers, who don’t live with their parents anymore. It could be a recipe for disaster for their rooms, or it could turn out to be okay.
For the “turn out to be okay” option, here are some strategies that can help you become a much better declutterer. They will help you with space, finding your stuff and basic productivity.

• Never procrastinate about the little things: If you put off small things during the day, every day, it’ll pile up. Take some time to clean up; even though you’re not particularly fond of doing that, it can help you avoid the huge mess later.

• Stop collecting all that free stuff: Yes, free stuff is great, but it can also be really unnecessary. Ask yourself if you really need most of the free stuff you collect, like flyers, or samples or even mugs.

• Clean together: Sharing space with a roommate isn’t always that easy. Quit blaming each other for the mess and take the time to realize that together, you guys can clean up the room faster and easier than ever.

• Go digital: Paper clutter is unavoidable for college students, except if they choose the digital way of storing them. Try to make digital copies of the paperwork you have and that will make the clutter much less.

• Try seasonal planning: When you go back home to visit; drop off the clothing that is no longer suitable for the season. When you’re going back out to school, only bring along the clothes that are appropriate for the current and upcoming season. You’ll see how much more space and less clutter your closet has.

• Try storage solutions: Things like storage containers that you can put under the bed and over-the-door shoe organizers can be a big help. We know dorms can be really small, so finding different ways to store your stuff is a big help.

• Categorize your stuff: Organizing stuff by purpose can help you to figure out the best locations for each different set of items. For instance, items that you use daily can be more out and in the open, while items that you rarely use can be stored away until you need them.

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