Common Self-Storage Mistakes People Make

When using self-storage, there are a number of things which you and many other people tend to do, which are absolutely wrong. They may seem like pretty harmless actions, but they can have a very significant impact on the items stored within your unit. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should try your best to avoid when storing your belongings in a self-storage unit.


  • Storing food in your unit is a big mistake. By storing food items in there, you are gaining the attention of insects and rodents, who will become very attracted to your unit and make themselves a home in there. These pests can end up damaging all other sorts of items they find in there.


  • Leaving your boxes or storage bins unlabeled is another big mistake when packing things into your unit, because after some time has passed, you won’t remember where or what you have stored things. You will become extremely frustrated by the time it will take to find and retrieve something, particularly if you need it urgently from your unit.


  • Using bins or boxes that are weak is something else you should not do – they won’t stand up well for the duration of time you’re likely going to have your items stored. You don’t want to have your boxes tear open because they can’t take the pressure of the items that you stored in them.


  • Wrapping your newspaper is another mistake you shouldn’t make. Although newspaper is easy to use as wrapping material, you should keep in mind that the newspaper ink may begin to bleed onto the surfaces of some of your belongings. You might be in for an awful surprise when you unwrap your items.


  • Not properly organizing your items is yet another mistake which may leave you with a big, frustrating jumble of a mess in your unit. You need to ensure that you store your items carefully and index them to make your work easier when you want to find or unpack them.


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