Conquer the clutter in your house

Many often feel overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to de-cluttering their homes. Let’s face it, cleaning out an untidy house can be a real headache especially when there’s a lot to do. The de-cluttering process doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, there are a variety of creative ways to get started.

Sort by category and not location. Most will tell you that you should clean room by room which is effective yes but to truly see everything you have, you should gather everything in a particular category in one place, then sort them out.

Do you really need to keep half of the things you have? Don’t be afraid to get rid of some things. Go through everything carefully and determine what means a lot to you and what you can afford to get rid. If there’s and item that brings you joy or brings back good memories keep it.

There’s a small window of time to read a book after buying it. Once that window has passed and it has gathered dust chances are you won’t read it at all. You can probably forget about books you like as well because most people don’t read a book more than once. How many books have you actually read a second time? Donate the book that you’re not using anymore to someone who will appreciate it and get rid of some of that clutter in the process.

Get rid of those piles of papers. Why do you still have papers from when you were in school? Some things you may be keeping for sentimental value but does it really have any value? Don’t keep them unless you really need them, like insurance papers and other important documents.

De-clutter photos and mementos. You don’t really need to keep all of those old birthday cards and blurry photos. Keep the ones that best bring back memories great times. Let the rest go!

Once you’ve gone through everything in the house designate a spot for things left behind and stay on top of things going forward.