Creative Tips For Organizing Your Home’s Kitchen

Keeping your entire home organized is a great way to ensure that it’s easier for you and your family to function within your home. We’re going to show you some surprisingly creative (but simple) things that you can use to help organize your home’s kitchen. Check them out!


  • Get some transparent, small lidded containers to help you organize the utensils in your junk drawers or cupboards.


  • Stack cookie sheets using LEGO bricks. They’re cheap, long-lasting and they’re great for using when you’re baking cookies.


  • Position a jar next to the stove, to store your measuring spoons so that when you’re ready to use them, they’re right at hand.


  • Store your long, skinny utensils on a flatware organizer.


  • Attach tape magnets on the inside of the wrap dispensers and stick them onto the side of the fridge, so that you can save cabinet or drawer space.


  • Get a magazine holder and attach it to the inside of your cabinet, then store your cutting boards in them.


  • Group your silverware by like items when you’re loading them into your dishwasher, so they will fit well and unload easily too.


  • Get adhesive hooks to attach inside your cabinets so that you can hang utensils from them.


  • Store your all your spice jars in a cake pan, so that you can pull them out all at once and choose as you’d like.


  • Store silicone baking sheets in cardboard tubes, then label them.


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