Effortless Ways to Create Storage Space in a Small Apartment

If the cabinets, drawers, and closets in your tiny apartment are filled to the brim, no worries — there is an abundance of sly storage spots and resolutions in even the smallest of spaces.

To learn how to create and maximise storage space in your home, try these tips:


Trim Down Your Stuff


Decluttering is perhaps the most overrated storage solution there is. It is imperative that you ask yourself whether you actually need the things you have, or whether they are just taking up space in your home. Be sure to keep only what you love and use, and donate the rest.


Invest in Multipurpose Furniture


You should consider purchasing furniture with multiple uses. For example, “a storage ottoman is a suitable place to keep things, and double as an extra seat or, with a tray on top, a coffee table.


If you are close-fitting on floor space, mounting a table to your wall to serve as both a floating desk and eating area is a viable option. You can also display fashionable baskets and bins in the open space below for extra storage.


Take Advantage of Vertical Space


When all else fails, vertical space prevails. In the kitchen, install a pot rack for regularly used items and to keep cooking utensils handy mount hooks to the backsplash.


You can add shelving to an entire wall; there, you can store framed art, books, bins full of craft supplies, dishes, or items. If an entire wall is too much for you, try a couple floating shelves instead. They are great for maximizing your vertical space while keeping the room open and free.


Give Every Item a Home


It is critical that you consider your belongings carefully when living in a small space. Give each of your belongings, a proper home, no matter how small or temporary. When you are finished with an item return it to its home as soon as possible. This will help keep down the clutter.


Organize Your Stuff into Hot Zones and Cold Zones


When you are deciding where to store your things, try to create Hot Zones and Cold Zones. Cold Zones are high shelves or cabinets that are difficult to reach — they are excellent for storing seasonal items or holiday decorations — whereas Hot Zones are areas that are within easy reach, and where you keep items you use more often.


Maximize Your Closet Space


Most closets are not used to their maximum capacity. If you own a standard sized closet with a high bar and shelf above it, you can add another rod to double your hanging space. You could also hang a shoe rack at the corner of your closet, purchase expandable shelves, or use hanging organizers to store T-shirts, accessories, or other items.


Think Outside the Cabinets


Another solution is to put your bed on risers to increase the space for storage.

Plastic bins on wheels are great for winter boots, holiday decorations, shoes you do not wear often. It keeps items secure and dust-free.


Bookshelves are ideal for stowing attractive baskets with office supplies or spare toiletries, while the gap between your couch and the wall can house fold-up ladders, brooms, or mops.


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