An Essential Guide to Renting a Storage Unit in Ottawa

Running out of space is something that we have all experienced. Many of us at one point or another run into a similar issue of where to put things in a safe place that is still accessible but not directly in our home if we do not use it on a frequent basis. This is where self storage comes in handy and like many of us we all require a safe and secure place to store things from time to time. The process of getting a storage unit can seem overwhelming at first, however with the right company like Just Right Self Storage, the process can be easy and stress-free.

You likely have many questions such as “what is climate control and do I even need it?” or “how much storage space do I need?” etc. These are things that you likely won’t know right away but we can help provide valuable information to make the storage rental process very fast and easy without any headache. It is important you feel comfortable putting your belongings in storage and we understand that aspect very well – after all we’ve been in the storage business for quite some time and have helped hundreds (actually thousands) of families store their belongings in our secure storage facility in Ottawa.

Here are some essential things to know that will help make getting your storage rental a breeze!

Climate Controlled Storage – What is it anyway?

In a simple way, climate control is ensuring that your storage unit will stay within a specific temperature range. Ottawa’s climate can fluctuate dramatically and different articles, good, and items respond differently to various degrees of coolness and heat. If you are planning on storing more delicate items such as wines, paintings, or furniture then climate controlled storage is an absolute must have for your storage unit. This will keep your items preserved in their condition and prevent temperature related degradation.

Renting a Truck to Move Your Goods – Do I need a truck rental?

There are many storage facilities that do not have transportation available or included for their clients. Fortunately Just Right Self Storage offers a FREE truck to help you move your goods into our storage facility. This can help reduce your upfront costs as well as provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have an easy way to move your items, regardless of the amount. When making your decision, this is an important element to factor into your costs as if you fall for a cheap storage facility that offers a ridiculously low price, there is usually a reason for this and it is that you are getting an outdoors storage unit with no climate control and it is entirely up to you and your wallet to get your items to their location. We take a much different approach while maintaining extremely affordable and competitive self storage rates in Ottawa to help your storage rental process be not just easy but affordable too.

A Word About Security – Will my goods be safe in my storage unit?

At Just Right Self Storage, we have industry leading security running 24/7 protecting your belongings and on-site staff and security for additional peace of mind. We take security very serious and ensure that all of our storage units are secure and protected. We have invested heavily in our state of the art storage facility to become Ottawa’s top self storage facility and offer a better alternative to any other self storage facility in the area. Visit our convenient location in the heart of Ottawa’s city centre to see for yourself the level of security we have for the ultimate peace of mind with your storage unit.

Of course these three topics may just be scratching the surface when it comes to everything you need to know about your storage unit, although it is a great start and we have on-site friendly staff to help answer any questions you may have regarding your storage unit or our storage facility. These are the essential items you should know and that we are asked about often so this article may help in your decision making process while you search for a local storage company in Ottawa.

We hope to see you soon at our convenient storage facility location in Ottawa.