Fix That Messy Bathroom Cupboard!

If your bathroom cupboard is starting to look a lot like the bathroom bin, then it’s probably time to clean it out. We know how it can be on a hectic morning (which is probably every morning of your life right now), but you’ve still got to find a way to make the best of the situation at hand. You don’t have to have a long, tedious cleaning schedule to do this little job. That’s why we made it our duty to offer you these tips on how you can clean up that little untidy cupboard. It’ll be a breeze!
• First of all, you need to take it all out. Remove everything from the cupboard and put them into three heaps: “His stuff”, “Her stuff”, “The Kids Stuff”. Then, you simply sort the stuff out.

• Second, you should check the manufacture and expiry dates on products that you use daily and check them to make sure they’re all good and safe to use.

• You then need to make sure that you put the newer products more to the back and the older ones at the front.

• Fourth of all you need to group all like things together. Put makeup with makeup; oral care products with oral care products; moisturizers with moisturizers and so on. Also remember to organize the more every day products closer to the front too.

• Finally, you should try relocating some items too. Not all the products you use have to stay in the bathroom cupboard after you organize it. For instance, you don’t have to leave shampoos and conditioners in the cupboard if you know that everyone plans to wash their hair every single day. You can set up a shower rack right inside the bathroom and that’ll work for your hair products or anything else you want to use in the bathroom.

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