The holiday season can sometimes be absolute chaos. The last thing you want to fuss about – amid shopping for gifts, purchasing groceries, decorating, and spending time with family – is decluttering your home.

Christmas is the time of year when more items enter your home comes in during a two-week period than the rest of the year! That is the reason why you should consider getting a head start by undertaking a few crucial decluttering projects early.

Grab same trash bags, turn on your holiday playlist, and get to work.

Linen Closet

If you are expecting guests, decluttering and reorganizing your linen closet or cabinet will make the preparation much easier

Toss out any permanently stained, torn, or mismatched linens. Once you have narrowed your collection, sort through them and arrange into sets by colour and size. A good idea would be to neatly stack your corresponding fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillowcases together before tucking them into a matching pillowcase.

This will make the setup process easier when it is time to make up the guest bed for a visitor or change your sheets.

2. Children’s Bedroom or Playroom

Prevent major overcrowding when the holidays are over, by decluttering your child’s bedroom or play area.

Get rid of any puzzles and games with broken or missing pieces. Work your way through the room and remove the toys and items that aren’t being used anymore. Consider donating them locally to families. Organize the remaining items by category: books, puzzles, games, stuffed animals, LEGO sets, etc.


Between baking, cooking, and chattering at the counter with mugs of hot cocoa, your kitchen gets quite a fair share of traffic during the holidays. Decluttering the area can help make everything easier, from hosting guests to meal preparation.

Begin with your refrigerator and pantry: throw out expired foods and bring together non-perishable items you would like to donate, like canned soup or boxes of rice. You can then go through your cupboards to get rid of multiples, broken tools, and items you never use.

When you have eliminated the unnecessary items, be tactical about how you arrange the rest of your kitchen items. Place regularly used items, like pots and everyday dishes, front and centre. If you intend to bake and host guests during the holidays, place muffin tins, cookie sheets, serving trays, and the like in a cabinet that you can access with no trouble.


You can dedicate a Saturday morning to give your garage an overhaul. By making room now you can be sure that you have easy access to your shovels, holiday decor, and other winter supplies later during the season.

Garages are most times home to filthy piles of damaged or long-forgotten items. So, it would be a good idea to begin by throwing out everything you no longer want or need.

When organizing the items left behind, try to store everything off the garage floor for a less cluttered look. This could mean mounting a shelving system on one of the walls or placing wire shelving racks to hang tools and get containers and other items onto shelves

For regularly used items, like tools and cleaning supplies, opt for clear storage bins to easily identify the content.

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