General Tips For Storing Your Stuff Away

If you’re thinking about storing some of your things away, whether it be in a self-storage unit or in another part of your home, then you’ll be happy to read through this article. Once you take the time to follow these tips then you’ll get the most of your storage space.
Some of the packing materials you’ll need to use include:
– Cart or a dolly
– Plastic sheets
– Storage boxes
– Tape
– Tie-downs or rope
– Drop sheets
– Paper
– Furniture covers
– Pallets or boards
– Markers
– Labels
– Skids

This is how you should care for the following items when packaging and storing them away:

• Dishes – Be very careful with these. Warp them in paper and fill up the empty spaces of the storage boxes or containers, to cushion the dishes a bit more.

• Clothing – You can create much more storage space for your other items by saving on the space you use to store your clothes. Simply fold the clothes and place them in dressers and drawers.

• Tools – Ensure that you clean them thoroughly and use machine oil to grease them before you store them away. This will help to prevent rusting and corrosion.

• Mattresses – Don’t cover them in plastic or place them on the floor when storing them. Instead, store them in cotton sheets or in cotton blankets.

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