Get The MOST Out Of Your Self-Storage Unit!

Storage units can be so useful. Whether they’re helping you learn to stay clutter free or they’re just something you can use to keep your adventure gear safe and sound, we can’t deny that they offer endless possibilities to you and your family. In this article, we show you how you can get the most out of your storage unit.

• You should pay for what you need. Take a look at the items you want to store and the storage options you have and see if they are a good match. For instance, if you want to store items that are weather-resistant, then you don’t need to get a storage unit that ensures climate control. That’s extra money. On the other hand, don’t be too cheap – if your items aren’t weather-resistant, pay for a storage unit that offers weather protection.

• You should get the right people to move your things. Find a company you can trust to transport your stuff. You don’t want unreliable, unpleasant and untrustworthy people handling your things. Get the right kind of people who will do their best to do the job well.

• You should not make your storage unit a quick fix for all the junk you don’t want to deal with. Keep your unit organized. Although it’s tempting to just toss everything in there, it’s a bad idea. You need to keep all the stuff you are going to use often, in an easily accessible section of the unit, while the things that you won’t need to use very often, stay more to the back.

• You should get to know your manager. The manager and employees at the self-storage facility are there to help you and when you get to know them on a more one-on-one basis, you can enjoy the benefits of more friendly service, a more enjoyable storage experience and maybe even perks such as security updates and special promotions or events.

• Finally, you need to have an insurance plan. Getting your things insured is crucial, particularly if you’re interested in long-term storage. You need to be aware of all the details in your insurance plan before you sign it – READ THE FINE PRINT! That way, you can avoid penalties from misinterpreted or unheeded policies.

We sure hope this was helpful! If you need more help concerning self-storage your personal storage unit or business storage needs in the heart of Ottawa, don’t fret! Give us a call to discuss your storage locker options at Just Right Self Storage. We are the number one source for storage and we’re conveniently located right in the heart of Ottawa’s downtown core and only minutes away from Gatineau.