Getting Rid Of Closet Clutter

A cluttered closet is a horrible sight! Your eyes may have gotten used to it, but probably if you went to see another closet that’s kept neat and tidy, you’d realize that yours doesn’t look too attractive.
Don’t feel ashamed – it can happen to the best of us. We understand that and we want to help you to get that closet clutter-free. Here are some tips you can use to clean it up.

• You first have to decide on the clothes that you’re going to continue wearing. A good way to do that is to try the clothes on one by one, to ensure that they all fit well and that you are satisfied with how you look in the item. That’s an important issue when it comes to deciding which clothes you want to keep.

• Group similar things together. Put your dresses together, shirts together, pants together, darker items together, lighter items together – all that stuff. It gives the closet a much more organized appearance.

• After categorizing the items of clothing in your closet, you can look for general items to add to it. No, we’re not trying to clutter you up again. We mean, get a general item that can match with various other items of clothing, so you don’t have to spend on buying multiple items to match different clothes. For e.g. buy a black skirt that will match your blue blouse, your purple tank top, or your green and white polka dot shirt.

• Decide what you’re throwing away or what you’re giving away. You may want to keep some of those items because you’re emotionally attached to them, but you don’t use them, so why keep them around cluttering your closet up. Get rid of them.

• For all the items that you didn’t donate or throw away, you can see if they’re in a good enough condition to sell. You can make a profit off of your cluttered closet.

• Try restructuring your closet to see if you can create a more spacious area to store your things in. You can even do things like raising your clothing rod higher or creating a shelf for your seasonal items or accessories.

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