Great Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

Your Christmas decorations are fun and sentimental parts of your life. When Christmas time comes around, Christmas decorating is essentially what brings your family together – it takes teamwork to get together and decorate your home. These simple ornaments and decoration help to make your home feel warmer, even in the dead of winter and it helps to usher the Christmas spirit into your home.  


It’s advised that you keep your Christmas decorations safe and sound all throughout the year, so that when that special time comes around, your home will look great. You can do that by ensuring that you store your Christmas decorations away safely, until the time comes around when you need them again. Check out these useful tips below…

  • Sort your decorations according to color, using clear plastic bags. You can then place those bags in a cardboard box or a storage container.
  • If you’ve got an artificial; Christmas tree, you can keep it clean and safe by wrapping it up in plastic wrap. Just make sure you arrange the branches carefully before you do this, so that they won’t break or bend out of shape.
  • Use pieces of cardboard to wrap your Christmas lights around, so that they won’t get all tangled up.
  • Use plastic water bottles to store long strings of garland, so that they don’t get tangled with your other decorations.
  • Keep some of your more durable ornaments hung up in the storage area, so that when the Christmas season comes around, you can just take them down and hang them up where you really want them to be.
  • Use various types of unusual containers from around your home, to creatively store your decorations. For instance, you can use egg cartons to store different, tiny charms in them.
  • Hang up Christmas wreaths in your wardrobes instead of in a storage box or container – that way, they won’t go flat.
  • Make a bag out of dust sheets to cover up your artificial Christmas trees, so that you may store them away for the entire year and never have to worry about them.
  • You can even use plastic cups to place small ornaments in and glue pieces of cardboard onto the top of them to create a mini storage container.
  • Wrap your decorative wreaths in plastic and store them in a clothing rack, before you place them in the appropriate storage area.


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