Great Tips For Organizing Your Books At Home

You may be interested in book collections, a home library or you may just have a lot of books just sitting there. No matter the reason you’ve got a lot of books at home, the fact is that you need to organize your books at home, to keep them in good condition and to make them much easier for you to access when you need them. Check out the tips we want to show you, that can help you do just that.


  • First, you have to figure out the following things: how many books you have, how many you want to put on display, how big you want to grow your book collection and what books you want to keep.
  • Now you should sort your books together into genres or types.
  • Buy shelves from a hardware store or from a home decoration and improvement center to accommodate the number of books you have and their sizes.
  • Look for quality bookcases or build yourself one, to house more of your books as well.
  • Mount your shelves up and install your bookcase, then organize your books according to type.
  • Place the heavier books on the bottom of the shelf; put the most frequently used books on the middle shelf and upper shelf. Try not to stack too many books in your shelf.
  • If there’s still a lot of space left in the shelf for books you anticipate getting, you can put small ornaments or pictures in their space in the meantime.
  • You can use bookends to help your books stand upright in the shelf. There are a lot of options you can use.
  • Always keep your home’s little library clean and tidy to keep your books in the best condition.
  • Make use of a log book or excel to help you keep track of how you organized your bookshelf, the books you lent to people or the ones you bought.


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