Great Tips For Storing Your Winter Clothes Away

The winter is a pretty harsh time for humans to survive in, but we do, thanks to all the things we’ve developed to keep us warm and safe. Have you ever thought of how horrible it would feel to go through winter with absolutely no warm, fluffy clothing? It would be absolutely horrible!
That’s exactly the reason you want to make sure that you take care of your winter clothing for when good old Jack Frost comes a ’knocking. These tips will show you what you need to do to keep your sweaters, scarves, coats and woolens safe and in a good condition for the next winter season.

• Get rid of the things that you really don’t use, so that you will be better able to store the clothes that you actually use. Donate them or give them away to a friend or relative.

• Make sure you wash all your clothes. It’s better to store your clothes clean, instead of storing them dirty, so they won’t attract bugs or get moldy or musty.

• Keep moth balls, cedar blocks or lavender in your closet or wherever you intend to store your winter clothes. That way, the clothes won’t have a musty odor when you take them out in the next winter season.

• If you plan to store your clothes in containers, make sure that the containers you choose will offer good protection from the elements and other variables in the environment. Try to pick plastic containers that are airtight or resealable vacuum bags, instead of cardboard boxes.

• Fold your knits and sweaters and hang your coats. To save a little space, you can even tightly roll up some of the items that you would usually hang up.

• Don’t use wire hangers. They can actually distort the shape of your clothes after a while. Opt for wooden or plastic hangers and try to get garment bags to help protect your clothing.

• Store similar items together, so you’ll be able to locate them more quickly and easily.

• Make sure that the area that you store your winter clothes is somewhere, dark, dry, ventilated and cool. Don’t let any sunlight get to them because it can fade them. Don’t store your clothes in warm, moist areas either, because they can begin to mildew and attract insects.

• Take the time to take check in on your clothes regularly, to ensure that they’re doing well in the storage area.

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