Great Tips To Help You Organize Your Garage

If you randomly walk into just about any of your neighbors’ garages, you’d probably find that they’re not in the best of conditions. Many home garages tend to accumulate some most of the clutter that your family creates.

They may look impossible to clean, because you can’t see where the junk ends from where it begins. They’re not – they can be quite easy to tidy up, as long as you get the right tips to help you get started. We’re going to show you just what they are, just read below.


  • Remove every item from your garage so you can start organizing everything from scratch. It’ll make the entire process much easier. You can set up your designated areas for your different types of items.


  • After you’ve removed all of the clutter from your garage, it’s time to decide what stays and what goes. You may want to throw way some stuff, while you may want to keep some stuff, sell some stuff or recycle some stuff. You may also want to donate some items to charity or give them away to your friends or family.


  • Divide your garage into specific areas that you’re going to use for specific purposes. Store the tools that you’re going to be using in various parts of the garage so that you don’t have to move them very far to use them.


  • A good way to save some space in your garage is to store as many items as you can, vertically or from the ceiling. That way, if you plan to park in the garage instead of using it only for storage, stuff won’t run into it or onto it. It may be quite a challenge, but it will make storage much easier for you if you can store things off the floor. Set up hooks, shelves, cupboards or other things that you can use to hang or stack things onto.


  • Make sure you group like items together so that they will be easier to find when you want them. An even better idea would be to store the items that you will most likely use, in positions that are easily accessible and store items that you seldom use, further back.


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