Guest Room Organization Tips For The Holidays

When you think about holiday time, you think of the warm, fuzziness of loving, enjoyable family and friend gathering. You think of sharing time, space, food, presents, laughter, memories and more.
Around the holidays, you most likely will have loved ones who are traveling from abroad to come visit for a few days…or weeks…or maybe even months. You better get that guest room ready so that you can accommodate your folks. But how do you organize your house’s guest room for your loved ones? We’ll show you.

• Declutter the room: This may not be too hard, unless you’ve been using your guest room as a spare room or storage room for the past year. If so, you need to decide what items in the room need to go and which ones can stay. Get rid of old things like clothes, toys, books and other things that you aren’t using any more. You may want to sell those stuff, donate them or just toss them.

• Provide the necessary: Make a list of things that your guests need. Then make sure you provide them with everything that’s on your list. You should give them clean bed linens, extra pillows, blankets and more. You should also get clothes hangers and a luggage mat as well. Make it very comfortable for your guests to unpack their luggage.

• Add a holiday touch: It’s the holidays, so why not make it look like the holidays in your guest room? Welcome them with things like nice decorations, yummy holiday edibles, warm robes and other things that remind them of the warmth and comfort of their homes. They will appreciate that.

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