Heated Storage With Climate Control Is The Way To Go!

For certain items, heated storage units are needed to prevent mold and mildew. If you’re looking for self-storage and live in a cool or wet climate, a unit that keeps items warm and dry might be perfect. While some goods are susceptible to changes in temperature, others, such as garage tools, are not so easily affected. How do you know if heated storage is right for you? Let’s take a look at how it works.

The idea of heated storage is pretty simple. Your items will be in a place that maintains a certain temperature. Managing the temperature inside a unit from getting too cold can protect various goods and also, equipment that’s affected by moisture, such as electronics, will be safe. These storage units generally cost a little more than unheated units, how much more depends on a number of factors, including location and unit size.  Since it will cost the facility more to keep a unit warm in colder areas you may find yourself paying higher rates. Of course if the unit is large it will cost more than a smaller one.

How do you decide if you need one or not? When considering what type of storage you need, start by thinking about when and how long you’ll be storing the items for. For example, if you’ll be storing items for just a few months during warmer seasons, you may not need heated storage. On the other hand, if you need to store goods during the cold season or for an extended period, you may need heated storage. You need to also think about the items you intend to store. Items that might be at risk in cold temperatures include furniture, musical instruments, computers, cameras, TVs, photos, antiques and painting. Papers, books and collectibles might fare better in a heated unit as well.

Additionally, when you look at the goods you want to store, you may realize you have some items that need heated storage and others that don’t. Make and inventory to help you decide what to do. If you don’t have much items that need heated storage, you might want to find a place in your home for them, and store the rest of your stuff in an unheated unit.