Home Organization Challenge: The Garage



1. PREPARE – Call your local charity organization ahead of time to schedule a pickup. Gather several boxes, bins, and trash bags. Label boxes to sort items: keep, donate, trash, house.


2. SORT – Sort through everything in the garage. Empty it out completely (weather permitting), going through one item at a time, and placing it in the designated bin or box.


3. CLEAN – Once you’ve sorted trough everything, the garage should be empty. At this point, you can sweep, leaf blow, or hose down the floor. This is an important step. You don’t want to organize a dirty garage. If you have a problem with spiders or ants,  you can spray the perimeter of the garage with insecticide. Living in the south, we have to do this every three months.


4. ORGANIZE – Once you have sorted through everything and cleaned, it’s time to set up a system of organization. Label plastic totes to contain items that will remain in the garage. Place the organized bins and boxes back into the garage. Hang things on wall hooks.  Try to keep everything up off the ground. Spiders like to hide behind stuff on the ground and so does dust.


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