Home Organization Challenge: Toys



Get ready:


Accumulate 4 receptacles, one for each of the accompanying.


  • Keep


  • Give


  • Junk/Recycle


  • Other Room


SORT: Go through everything on the racks, bushel, floors and drawers, separating into 4 classes. Cleanse as much mess as you can. On the off chance that your children haven’t played with something in a while or they’ve developed out it, let it go. Additionally if a specific diversion or toy is a noteworthy wellspring of messiness, cleanse it!




  • Wipe down toy racks


  • Clean inside and outside of toy receptacles


  • Clean toys


  • Wash squishy toys on delicate cycle (check mind tag)


Sort out: It’s an ideal opportunity to experience everything in the “keep” class. Put alternate boxes where they have a place. When sorting out, evacuate one thing at any given moment – arranging it. You can utilize an alternate rack, crate, or drawer for every class. The objective is to classify!


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