Home Organization Tips For The New Year

Your house and your life may get a little messy from time to time, because of the unending number of things that you’ve got to do all the time. This will be especially true for you if you’re a parent. There’s a whole lot of responsibility that comes with the running of a home, especially if it’s filled with kids, sickly dependents or the elderly.


Anyone who has to juggle those responsibilities, while working and holding onto their sanity, is a hero. That’s why there’s absolutely no shame if your home isn’t 100% in order all the time. We want to help you with getting your home in order for the upcoming year. Use these tips to help you do that.


·         Take very small steps that you can handle, to help you to get and remain organized. Don’t take on very large or complex organization projects that may be too difficult for you to juggle with your already hectic schedule.

·         Record all your reminders, tasks and appointments in one calendar, instead of having them scattered throughout a number of different calendars.

·         Create a routine for yourself and stick with it. You can establish if you want it to be daily, weekly or monthly.

·         Never set any outrageous goals – make sure that they are manageable and you can comfortably accomplish them.

·         After you’ve created your organizing project, break it down into smaller, more manageable parts that you can finish more quickly.

·         Make sure that you have a good idea of where you’re going to put stuff before you buy it and bring it home.

·         When you get mail, deal with it immediately. You can either file it or throw it away, to lessen on the paper clutter.

·         Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family. It is their responsibility to keep their corner of the home organized as well.

·         Stay committed to your plan. Don’t falter when things get a little busy or extra messy – go right back to the plan.

·         Make use of home management and organization software, as well as other sorts of technology that can help you to create home inventory, track household expenses and more.

·         Keep track of all the goals you have accomplished and all the projects you have completed as you go along.

·         Reward yourself and your family for the successes that were made in the organization process.


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