House cleaning made simple

Maintaining a clean home can encourage productivity, boost your mood and put an end to all those frenzied cleaning sprees you try to do before guests come over. To some these may not seem like such a big deal but to those of you who fall within the messier segment of the population, keeping your home clean can be the biggest challenge. You don’t have to transform yourself into a neat freak to enjoy a more organized, less cluttered home. Try adopting these simple habits and see how they work for you and also take advantage of a self storage unit in Ottawa to keep your home clean and free of clutter.


Keep surfaces clear

Your entire home looks more orderly and has more room to spread out for a project when your tabletops and counters are clutter free. A great way to fight this buildup of clutter is by trying to eat dinner at the table every night, practicing this will force you to keep the table clear.

Sort through mail when they come

Don’t let your mail stack up, sort them out immediately every time you collect. Whatever you don’t need, throw away and designate a drawer for important documents and bills. It’s a lot easier to do this than to allow it to accumulate into a huge pile.

Get the right tools

Today cleaning has gotten a lot easier with the appliances available. Invest in a vacuum if you hate to sweep. If you don’t like to fold, you can toss blankets into a large covered basket that goes good with your décor. Think about the chores you normally do and what cleaning tools would be right for them and your lifestyle.

Clean as you go

Start multitasking, straighten up the kitchen while cooking, whenever you change hang up your clothes and put things back as soon as you’re done with them. People who avoid cleaning often waste time trying to convince themselves to do these tasks. A straightforward and streamlined approach saves you time in the long run. After a while, cleaning as you go becomes so natural that you’ll barely realize you’re doing it.

Have fun while you clean

It helps to do something fun while you work on a task you’ve been dreading. Makes the whole process seem a lot easier and you enjoy yourself at the same time. Combining a chore with something pleasurable often increases the amount of time you spend on it.

Comb through weekly

Make weekly sweeps of your home and gather every item that just hanging around but no longer has any use. Often these items are just plain rubbish, like empty shampoo bottles, toilet rolls or packaging left over from mail orders. If you take just 10 minutes each week to clear these things out, you’ll find that you have a lot more free space to organize the things that you really need.