How do I help my 16-year-old organize his room?

Teenagers aren’t the best at keeping things neat and tidy. Socks here, sweaters there, papers and CDs everywhere! A teenager’s room is the place where they study, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, (oh, did we mention SLEEP?), play, have their friends over (A.K.A other teenagers who don’t care if the room looks like pigs had a week-long party in it) and just basically live. At the end of the day, you’re going to end up doing most of the cleaning. Why? Because whether it’s their room or not, it’s your house and you’d rather not see it dirty.
We think that a better idea would be to start them off with a good habit. Help them to help themselves stay organized. Visual organization is very important in helping them keep their space nice and tidy. These tips will help you to get them started.

• Start by taking the door off the closet to make it an open space. This way, they’ll be less likely to dump their clothes in there and they’ll be prompted to hang them up.

• Organize items by using a desk drawer that is very spacious. It will help them minimize on the clutter.

• Mount shelves up on the wall so that they can put stuff on there also. It would be a fun idea to install adjustable shelves that grow as your teenager’s needs do.

• Use containers to organize stuff and store them in and don’t forget to label them.

• Use memos and memo boards to make space for notes, photos, calendars and other things. It will help them to remember things better and to be more organized with their paperwork.

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