How To Declutter Your Home’s Storage Areas

Have you looked in your storage areas at home lately, and I mean really looked at them, as opposed to just quickly putting things away?

For some reason it seems that the garage, attic and basement are the places that a lot of clutter and junk gets stashed when we need to put that thing “somewhere” for a while. These are some steps that can be followed when you want declutter those storage areas around your house:


Step 1: Don’t Store It, Dump It!

The first step in the ‘Organize Your Garage Challenge’ is to get rid of all the junk and clutter that have accumulated in your storage areas over time and ‘forget it zones’.

We often place items in areas, deliberately putting off making decisions about them, not wanting to have to decide if we should continue to keep them in our home. You may need to rent a truck to get stuff to the dump, get a dumpster, or call a charity to come out and pick up large items when you’re decluttering.


Step 2: Make A Plan for Your Storage Zones

A major goal for many people when organizing the garage is to be able to park a car or two in there. Don’t forget to calculate the space needed with the doors of the vehicles opened.

It is also nice to have a flat clear surface you can use for doing small do-it-yourself projects, and your garage maybe just the spot for it.


Step 3: Organize Items You’re Keeping In Storage

The first part of this process is to categorize all of the items you want to keep within this space. Categorizing them and putting like and common categories of items you may have, and want to keep in storage, include the following:

  • Tools
  • Sports gear and equipment
  • Lawn or seasonal furniture
  • Seasonal items


Please realize, too, that only so much stuff can fit into an area, so as you work, seriously consider whether all of these items you’ve decided on, would fit there really well.


Step 4: Use Labels

Using this form allows you to better remember the full contents of the container, and reference the list as needed so you can find what you want, when you need it. This helps everyone in your family know where to return various items after use, so your organizational system stays maintained.


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