How To Disassemble Furniture To Store Them In A Storage Unit

It may be quite difficult to figure out how to safely and carefully store your prized pieces of furniture in your storage unit, but you can get it done, once you learn about the best way to do it. We want to show you the proper way to disassemble your furniture before you store it away. There are at least 5 things you need to do.


  1. You need to figure out if you really need to disassemble your furniture. Not all units of furniture need to be taken apart before storage. Your larger items of furniture may need to be taken apart, to make them easier to move and to store away. Taking your furniture items apart will allow you more space to store other items in the unit.


  1. Another thing you need to do is to gather all the disassembling tools you need for taking your furniture apart. You’ll need different types of screwdriver and a hammer or a crowbar, to help take the furniture apart.


  1. Find the best, safe and secure area to disassemble your furniture. Ensure that the room you take it apart in, is clean, dry and free from pets or children so that they don’t have the risk of getting injured in the area. A great room to disassemble in is the garage or maybe even in the very same room that your furniture is already in.


  1. Try not to lose anything. You have to be extra careful to gather all the small, important parts of the furniture, like the screws and bolts. It’s a good idea to get a storage container or a Ziploc bag to hold all those small items so that you don’t lose them and are unable to effectively put the furniture back together when you want to. Label those boxes or bags as well.


  1. When you’re finally ready to take your furniture apart, ensure that you remove the glass first. It’s the safest thing to do, so that you don’t damage the glass and injure yourself at the same time. After you remove the glass, you should wrap it with blankets or bubble wrap to keep it safe.


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