How To Get Rid Of All That Electronic Clutter.

You’ve got 32 old cell phones, 15 computer keyboards that don’t work and 4 computer monitors that have turned from ivory white to crusty yellow.
WHY? You don’t use them, or rather, they can’t be used. They’re just sitting there, causing clutter. In a survey done by SpareFoot, 28% of the Americans who argue about clutter are focused on that of electronic clutter. When a device upgrades and you get the newer version, if you don’t sell the old item or give it away, you probably leave it in your home to gather dust.

Don’t worry. Here are 7 things you can do to control this gadget clutter.

1. Keep Your Devices Handy.
Keep the devices that you are currently using close by.

2. Set Up a Tech Hub.
Get a digital station where you can store and charge all your electronics.

3. Take Inventory.
One by one, check all the gadgets you have and figure out why you have them or need them.

4. Sell Unwanted Devices.
Don’t keep gadgets you don’t want. Sell them!

5. Donate Unwanted Devices.
You can even choose to donate them too.

6. Recycle Unwanted Devices.
Yes, they can be recycled.

7. “Upcycle” Old Gadgets.
Find fun and useful things you can use your old gadgets for.

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