How To Get Your Gardening Equipment ready For Storage in The Winter

Winter’s coming soon! Actually it’s already here in some areas. That’s why you need to figure out how you’re going to carefully protect your possessions from the harsh winter weather. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is a great option for storing these kinds of items. We’ve got some really great solutions for you that can help you store your gardening equipment this winter. Check them out.
For Battery Operated Gardening Tools…
– Remove the batteries before storing them, because the batteries can drain over the storage period and you will have to have them replaced.
– Ensure that you charge the batteries up and keep the environment that you’re storing the batteries, dry and warm, before you put them into self -storage.

For Gas Operated Tools…
– Drain all the gas from the equipment to prevent it from clogging up.
– Add more oil to it before storage.

For Lawn Mowers…
– Clean your lawn mower thoroughly, by wiping it down. Make sure that there is no debris remaining on it.
– Sharpen the blade before you store the lawnmower away (this is optional). You will be glad that you won’t have to do that next spring.

For Garden Tools…
– Clean them thoroughly and dry them as well, so that they won’t rust during storage.
– Sharpen them too (this is optional). This is so that you won’t have to sharpen them in spring when you take them out.

For Garden Hose…
– Disconnect your hose and see how much water you can drain out of it. Try to get as much out as possible.
– Store it in a warm, dry area, so that the cold doesn’t get to it and freeze the moisture in it, causing it to crack and get a leak.
– Coil it up so that there won’t be any bends in it when you store it.

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