How To Schedule Your Moving Out

Moving out is a huge deal, because it’s such a big step and a complicated process. It can take months of proper planning and preparation. There are things that must be done when it comes to moving out. We can help you with this tough process by showing you a schedule that can really make things easier for you.
In the month before you move out…
– Choose a company to do your moving and make the proper arrangements with them.
– Start packing all your stuff. Remember to start with the things that you tend to use less often.
– Label the different boxes or containers that you pack stuff in. It’ll make it much easier for you to figure out what everything is.
– Don’t pack your valuable items with everything else. Personally carry those items with you to ensure their safety.
– Change your address by going to the local post-office and fill out a change-of-address form.
– Tell the people or institutions important to you, that your address is different.
– Make arrangements for your medical records to be forwarded to your new health-care providers or get copies of those records and send them yourself.

Two weeks before you move out…
– Confirm with your moving company once again.
– Make arrangements to get a day off from work, on the day of the move, if you’re going to supervise it.
– Tune up your vehicle to ensure that it will be functional in the possible new climate or temperature of your new address.
– Remove the contents of your safe deposit box and take them with you on the day you move.

In the week before you move out…
– Refill any prescriptions that you may have to use in the following weeks.
– Do some more packing for the move.

In the days before the move…
– Defrost your freezer, empty it and clean it at least a day before you move.
– Do another confirmation check on the moving company’s details for the big move.
– Make sure you have the moving company’s payment ready.

On the day of the move…
– Do some verification on the moving company when they arrive at your door, in order to avoid possible scams.
– Make sure to take inventory of the transaction.

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