How to Store Clothes Correctly

You will most likely never have a reason to store a treasured stamp collection or even a boat, but there is a decent chance that you will have the need to store clothing at some point or the other in your life. Although storing clothing may seem straightforward for those who have ever packed for a trip, there is probably room for technique improvement. Check out the following tips that experts suggested for keeping your threads in excellent shape.


Be Selective Before You Store


One big mistake that people make is stuffing too many clothes into storage. You should start by considering why you need to have storage. You may be packing a child’s clothes for hand-me-downs or putting away your coats and sweaters for the warmer months. Nonetheless, storage can become problematic if you use it to avoid deciding which clothes to toss and which clothes to keep. A deferred decision will create difficulty further down the road, so be sure to sort and purge any unwanted clothes before you turn to storage.


Clean Everything


It is quite beguiling to do a quick sniff test before stuffing your clothes into a bin and calling it a day. But if you wish for your clothes to remain unspoiled, you should thoroughly launder them before packing up. The stains left on fabrics in storage will darken and be more difficult to remove, and the odours from your unlaundered clothes can attract bugs.


Keep Track of Your Storage Locations


The point of storing your things and being organized is to be able to find exactly what you need when you need it. So, if you are using more than one storage location, create a listing of what clothing items are in which room, area or storage unit. Then label each storage container with a list its contents. With this system in place, you will be able to easily find your favourite coat without unpacking all your containers.

Keep Moisture and Bugs Out


You can protect your clothes by placing them in plastic bins for long-term storage or cardboard boxes for short-term storage. For the clothes that need to be stored hanging up, use garment bags with a clothing rack with if space allows.


Place cedars block in each container to keep bugs away and give your clothes a pleasant fragrance. Do not let the blocks lie directly on your garments, place them in socks or new cheese cloth.


Check on Your Clothes


You may follow all these best practices, but it is still essential to visit your storage area frequently to look for any damage. When you check on your clothes, dust off any hanging items and check for holes from moths. Discovering damage early allows you to rectify the issue before all your clothes are affected.


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