How to Store Wooden Furniture

You may be downscaling, refurbishing your home or moving to a new place where you cannot take everything with you. In these situations, you might find yourself needing to place some of your furniture into storage. Although special attention is needed when storing any of your valuables, wooden furniture needs extra special handling if you wish to sidestep scratches, cracks or mould.


The same straightforward guidelines apply whether you are preserving an antique dining room set or a contemporary coffee table. Use the following steps to give your wooden furniture the extra protection it needs for long term storage.


Treat Before Storing

Wood is more susceptible to cracks if it dries out. To keep this from happening, treat your wooden furniture with a furniture polish. Not only does it add moisture to your furniture before storing it, but also enhances and protects it.


Climate Control Storage Counts

Changes in the temperature may cause your wooden furniture to expand and contract. Over time it will affect the look and strength of the piece.


Humidity can be another concern for your furniture. Humid conditions encourage the growth of mould and mildew, and this can cause the wood to deteriorate. Temperature controlled environments are the most suitable way to circumvent this situation.


Take Precautions at Home

You may choose not to place your wooden furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit, and opt to keep them at home in the basement or attic. If you do, consider buying a humidifier, dehumidifier or humidistat.


Take It Apart

If your furniture can be taken apart, take them apart before storing. You might take the legs off a wooden chair, take the drawers out of a wooden dresser, or disassemble you wooden bed. By storing your furniture in several smaller parts, you make better use of your storage space while guaranteeing that each piece is protected.


Make Sure There is Enough Space

If you pack up your possessions close together, you run the risk of them rubbing against each other, and this can lead to cracks in wooden tables and chairs. You should avoid stacking things on top of your wooden furniture.


Keep It Covered.

Place a protective cover over your wooden furniture, to help keep it from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. Numerous people make the mistake of covering wooden furniture with plastic, but this can create condensation and cause your furniture to swell. You should instead cover your furniture with fabric drapes or moving blankets to protect it from light, moisture and dust.


Raise It Up

Your wooden furniture could get damaged by floods if you placed them directly on the floor of a storage unit. By placing your furniture on planks or blocks, you can keep it out of harm’s way.


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