How To Store Your Tools Properly

Your tools are expensive and they help you out so much around the house or at your job that you want to keep them in the best possible condition for the longest time you can. That’s exactly why you need to keep your tools working for you effectively. There are some things that you can do to store your tools and keep them in good order to serve you. Check these tips out…
• Build a hinged pegboard storage system for your tools. Let your tools hang on it when they’re at home or at your workshop. You can use a toolbox to carry them around when you need to. By hanging your tools, you can stop them from soaking up moisture from the concrete floor.

• Make sure that your tools are kept in a dry place. You would be surprised by the amount of humidity that exists in your garage or basement. Get a dehumidifier to control the moisture.

• Put your power tools back in their original cases, so they are better protected, particularly from humidity.

• Place silica gel packs or rust collectors in the areas where your tools are kept, to keep moisture away from your tools.

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