How’s Your Golf Game?

Did you have a chance to get out to Loch March Golf & Country Club in Ottawa this summer?

Did you have a chance to get together with your friends and hit the links?

Hopefully the only sand you saw was at Britannia Beach. Now it’s time to look at packing your clubs away for the season and this means secure, climate-controlled storage. If you are looking for an affordable solution, we have a tip for golfers in Ottawa.

Get together with your buddies and rent a storage unit together as a group and store all of your clubs in the same unit. This can become your remote “golf closet” for keeping your gear in top shape while keeping your house clutter-free which will provide you with more room and keep your spouse happy!

You’ll always have access to your secure storage unit and your clubs will be ready waiting for you in the coming season. We also have some promotions on storage rentals that will be the perfect length of time for your storage between seasons.

Give us a call today and check out our promotions and specials page for deals on your Ottawa storage.