Hypnotherapy Can Help You De-clutter.

Are you a believer in hypnosis and hypnotherapy? A lot of people think it’s only quack science, but there are some die-hard believers in it and there’s even a book and program about it by Hypnotherapist, Beverly Taylor. It is called “Clutter to Clarity: the Easy Key to Organizing”. It’s focused on helping chronic “clutterers”.
Here are some interested things from the book and from interviewing Beverly Taylor.

• Chronic cluttering is emotionally based. It is usually a deep emotional issue from early childhood.

• It can be more detrimental than just the unfortunate lack of tidiness in the home. It can destroy marriages, family relationships and damage other aspects of a person’s life, such as health and work.

• Hypnotherapy can help you bring out emotions that you were having trouble releasing and it can also help you control your beliefs and habits, too.

• No, hypnotherapy doesn’t make you act like you’re now a zombie – you will be awake and you won’t be under some mystical, mysterious control. “Hypnotherapy basically is being in a relaxed state and working with a professional who knows how to help a person change.”

• First of all, a hypnotherapist will ask you questions in order to understand you and the situation you’re struggling with. The focus is more on the emotional issue, than the clutter. A hypnotherapist wants to know your feelings, thoughts and history.

• Why your history? Sometimes the things that have happened to us during periods in our life, such as early childhood, may make it difficult to adjust as adults. For instance, an overbearingly tidy parent, who forced you to keep your room military-style spick and span, would be compelled to subconsciously rebel against their parents when they become adults. In your subconscious mind, as a child, you have now begun to decide “I’m never going to do this when I get older” – that’s a limiting belief and that’s where the issue begins.

• In the second phase of hypnosis, there is an alpha state, similar to daydreaming. The client responds when the hypnotherapist speaks to them. Their brain waves behave the same as when they are daydreaming or are in prayer or meditation. The client does the work, while the hypnotherapist simply guides them.

• The catch is to change the person’s belief in order to change their life.

• Clutter problems can be a sensitive issue for most people. You don’t want to be judged, so that’s why we recommend you seek the help of a professional. Yes, you can seek the help of a professional organizer, but to get to the core of the issue, working with a hypnotherapist can be a great option.

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