Important Storage Tips For Your Clothing

Living in Ottawa, means that you’re going to be experiencing all four seasons throughout the year. One minute you’ll be wearing huge, fluffy clothing, then the next minute, you’re going to be in tank tops and boy shorts. You’ve got clothes to fit all the seasons. The problem is – you just can’t keep all of those clothes hung up in your closet all year long, so you have to find an option that can make your closet work for you. The best option we have to offer is, the storage option.


You may need some help finding the best possible tips for storing your different types of clothing and we’re going to show you what they are.  


  • When storing leather and suede, you need to ensure that your closet is cool and well ventilated. You should cover those garments with white, washed muslin. Ensure that you lay them flat and pad them with white tissue.
  • When storing rayon, you need to lay it flat. If you have to hand it up, you need to use white tissue to pad it. You then need to cover it with clean, white muslin.
  • When storing linen garments, you need to roll them up or if you have to fold them, then you need to refold them often to stop the fabric from getting permanently creased. Use white muslin to cover it.
  • When storing knitted and silk fabrics, you need to store them flat, but if you need to hang them up then you need to use white muslin to cover it and white tissue to pad it.
  • When storing garments made of metallic fabric, you should ensure that each layer is separated with either clean, white muslin or tissue paper.
  • When storing fur, you have to cover them with clean, white muslin if you’re storing them at home. However, it is advised that you get professional cold storage for your fur clothing.
  • When storing wool, you should clean, pad and wrap it in white tissue. You should also seek to prevent moth damage, by adding moth balls to the storage area.


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