Interior Designers can Benefit from a Self Storage Unit in Ottawa

Every interior designer loves it when they find the perfect chair or colour pattern for their clients and then the next step comes to actually order or create the furniture for their clients. Many home interior designers work out of their home office and having a bunch of furniture around for their client orders can clutter up their home which is a distraction for the interior designer and also creates a cluttered home office that isn’t a great meeting place for clients. Some very successful interior designers have reported that self storage units have played an integral role in their business to store client orders outside of their home until the client is ready to have the items moved into their home.

One interior designer explained how she has two storage units; one for furniture for client’s orders and another one for accessories. In addition to storing your client’s furniture items until ready to move them into the client’s home, you can also store random items you pickup at garage or estate sales such as vintage items that can be offered to clients later down the road when discussing their interior design upgrades. If you find yourself storing a lot of accessories or furniture for your interior design business then self-storage is a perfect solution for you. This is especially true when dealing with furniture because these type of items need to be stored properly to keep them in pristine condition. Storage units in Ottawa at Just Right Self Storage are climate-controlled to maintain an even temperature that is perfect for storing vintage, delicate, and other items that are susceptible to getting damaged from changes in temperature or humidity.

Additionally having the deliveries made to the storage facility in Ottawa can save you from the hassle of transporting customer orders around. When your order arrives you can be notified and then you can move everything into place within  your storage unit until the client is ready to receive the items. Plus when running your interior design business in Ottawa you will want to have access to your client orders at any time to accommodate client schedules etc. Just Right Self Storage provides 24/7 access to your storage unit so you never have to worry about not having access to your important items for clients.

Most of the discussion so far has been about your client orders but keep in mind that your storage unit can also be great storage for your business in general. As you operate your business you will accumulate paper work and documents that need to be stored somewhere safe and also you will likely need some storage for other equipment that you use in your business. By utilizing storage space in Ottawa you will be able to further separate work and home life which can be very beneficial for you as a business owner. Especially when your business likely requires you to have a free and clear mind so you can let the creative juices flow.

If you are running an interior design business in Ottawa then check out our affordable self storage solutions to take your business to the next level. There are many benefits and you can even pitch to your clients the benefits of choosing you as their interior designer because their furniture orders will be stored in a secure storage facility in a climate-controlled storage unit. This can be one more perk of choosing your interior design company over the competition.

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