Is Climate Controlled Storage Your Solution?

Is climate controlled storage your solution? Yes, or no. We’re about to find out on this blog.

Wanting to make your furniture stand the test of time draws a begging the question. Are the pieces of furniture better off with the storage unit I have or would a climate controlled storage be more productive?

While it is not a problem if you’re using traditional means to store your pieces of furniture in the short term, in the long run, the gains are evident with climate controlled storage.

We will dissect the fact on this blog and show you where you’re better off…


Is the furniture cushion? 

Cushions don’t work very well in a humid environment because of the tendency to carry on a smell that pollutes the environment. However, when you might think plastic can solve this problem in a non-climate controlled environment. Stop and use an exposed cotton cover or sheet.

You will be better off in a climate controlled storage unit that can save your cushion from pest and rodents.


Valuable pieces of furniture need more protection

Pieces of furniture that stands the test of time like woods needs to get protected from a humid environment for them not to crack.

Such cracks diminish the value of the property in the market, thereby causing a loss to the owner. A 55% rate of relative humidity is advisable for any storage option.


How humid can your city be?

Most cities with relative humidity above 55% can find the average furniture in those areas begin to diminish because mold and mildew are running riot and condemning them, sometimes beyond salvation.

Despite that, it is very easy to find such condemnation in dry conditions as well if the climate is still not controlled indoors. Woods crack under intense heat too.


Is there an ideal season to store pieces of furniture?

Wood, fabrics and leather can be a subject of intense weather conditions that are not controlled.

Rodents and intense heat will make a leather, sofa or couch shrink and lose its value.

In summer or winter, it is best to have climate controlled unit storage when you are staying away for a long time. Under spring or a temporary stay, you can choose to make do with a non-climatic controlled unit for your storage.


In or out, where do you store your furniture?

Outdoors do not work very well for furniture’s, especially when there is a ray of sunshine somewhere. Such an environment with UV rays can be a problem.

The best option is to store furnishings in a controlled climate unit with no sunshine. Better still, store them in a non-climate controlled unit if you can’t afford the former.


Can you put your money where the value is?

Having storage might seem like a lot of work, but it will help you in the long run. But if you bombard any storage unit with too much furniture, rot is inevitable.

More prolonged absence might mean you won’t like the sight of your storage unit when you get back. Climate controlled storage is a huge deal. But if you feel different about your situation financially, it might be time for some humidifiers, humidistat and much more. They are less expensive that you can think of as low as $300.