Items That Should Be Stored In Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

There are things that are important to you that you may not want to throw away or give away, but you just want to store away for a certain amount of time. It’s a regular thing. Unfortunately, not all the things you put into self-storage units, tend to come out the way they went in. Many a time, the humidity and temperature within the units are the elements that cause the items you store, to deteriorate.
Certain items need extra care when they enter self-storage units. The following items should be placed in climate-controlled units to keep them in optimum condition.

• Wooden furniture: If the furniture is exposed to moisture, then it may cause the wood to deteriorate. You will see that it begins to warp, crack and rot.

• Leather furniture: This material can get discolored and start to mildew when it is exposed to moisture. It’s very sensitive to drastic hot and cold temperature fluctuations.

• Household appliances and electronics: The electronic and mechanical elements of the various appliances/electronics that you usually have throughout your home, can begin to rust and crack and get damaged when exposed to moisture. They may even begin to mold or mildew.

• Special possessions: Your prized collections or possessions should be stored in climate-controlled storage units so that they don’t sustain damage from humidity and temperature changes.

• Musical instruments: Humidity and temperature changes can cause major damage to musical instruments, including swelling to their wooden areas and corrosion to their metal areas.

• Art and Craft: Most of your delicate art/craft projects are not going to last very well in self-storage units that are not climate-controlled.

• Clothing: Your clothes can become moldy or get mildew if you leave them in areas of high humidity. You should try to keep your fabrics as dry as possible, within the self-storage unit.

• Photos: These can actually blend together and deteriorate when they are eft in highly humid areas. Try to store them facing away from each other in your climate-controlled unit.

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