Keeping College Dorm Rooms Organized

College students usually have a lot on their plates. Many of them have to focus on their schoolwork and focus on making a little extra money to support themselves throughout the semester or to pay back that student loan. They surely don’t have the energy at the end of the day, to go to their dorms and tidy them up. If you’ve been in college, you’d probably understand – it’s a struggle.
That’s why you can walk into almost any student dorm, at various times of the semester and see various things that need to be put back in place or things that could be organized much better. We’ll give you some great tips for keeping a college dorm room organized. If you don’t need these tips, you can pass them on to someone who does. Check them out below:

• Try to keep the amount of things that you bring into your dorm room on the low. The less things you bring into the dorm room, the better you will be able to keep track of your storage. You can share various items with your roommates, so each of you don’t have to bring in the same items. We’re talking about items such as hair dryers, ironing boards, brooms, etc.
• Don’t bother bring in off-season items to your dorm room. These just take up space and you’re not going to have to use them for the next few months anyway. Find somewhere else to store them, like in a self-storage unit. That will help you to maximize on the space you have in the dorm room.
• Make use of smart storage containers. There are multi-functional pieces that you can use for storage as well as for other reasons. For instance, if you have a footstool with a storage space, you can use it to sit on, as well as use to store shoes or something else in. You can also do things place storage beds under your bed, to keep your items in.
• Designate an area for your shoes. Try using a bottom dresser drawer to store your shoes away. They’ll never get in the way and they’ll never look unsightly to your visitors. You can even use drawer dividers to section out the various types of footwear.
• Find some hanging solutions. Get a bulletin board and thumbtacks to hang your jewelry or other such accessories. In your closet, hang more than one item of clothing on each of your hangers. That way you can get the most out of your closet.
• Never wait until things get too jumbled up in your room to try to organize it. When you see that your closet is getting a little messy or your shoes are sitting by the door, instead of in their designated area, then it’s time to take a minute to set things back in order.

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