Make more space in your home with storage and good habits

Whether you live in a big two story house or a small one bedroom apartment, you’re always going to need more space. You don’t need to move to a bigger place or renovate and a self-storage unit is a great option but only if you’re not going to need most of those things for a while. Here are some tips to help you make more space around the home.


Move out nonessential items: Some of our belongings are hardly ever touched, sometimes once or twice a year and that’s it. Some items you just won’t need to have constant access to. You attics and garages are great storage areas you can try.


Buy multifunctional items: When buying products for your home buy things that are multi-purpose, or you can just get creative and repurpose some of the things you already have; this will save you a lot of space.


Make a ‘Fold away’ home office

Do you have an office or study area that’s cluttered? A ‘fold away’ office would be perfect for you. This type of office allows you to easily relocate when space is needed.


Stack onwards and upwards.

Rooms feel smaller when they have very little floor space. In the case it makes sense to stack you items up. There are storage units that can utilize ceiling space specifically but aside from that you can simply stack boxes one on top the other.


Don’t just change your room, change your habits.

It’s good to clean out often, the less things you have to store the better. Make it a regular practice to clear out every month.


Somethings you will have to throw away and others you can probably donate to charity. And of course you have the option of simply storing your items with us at Just Right self-storage.