Minimalist Lifestyle

Many have the misconception that a minimalist lives in a white square room, with only the barest of bare essentials. That’s not true. The whole goal of a minimalist is to live with the things that they need and not to end up living a life riddled with clutter.

Do you have a habit that is “preventing you from doing what’s important to you and gives you little satisfaction in return”, like collecting huge amounts of various odds and ends that you don’t even need? Minimalism can help you get a grip of yourself when it relates to that. We’ve got seven steps that you can follow to help you do that:

Step 1: Downsize to what really fits your lifestyle, to that you don’t have too much extra room to gather things. Everyone is different, so don’t think that each minimalist lives in the same-sized match-box house.

Step 2: Take your time. There’s no rush! Just go through each room and gather the things you don’t want or need. Evaluate the things in your drawers and closets to see what the valuable or useless things are, so you can keep them or get rid of them, respectively.

Step 3: Make it a game. Try to increase the number of items you dump, as the days so by. So on day 1- dump 1 item, on day 2 – dump 2 items, on day 9 – dump 9 items, and so it goes.

Step 4: Make note of the reasons you are getting rid of different stuff, so that you can always have a gentle reminder of why you don’t want to keep them around. It’ll make minimalism life easier.

Step 5: Be happy with what you have. We usually buy more than what we need. We don’t even use half of the things we buy and pack our houses with.
Step 6: Block out the flow of digital clutter in your mind. The more you expose yourself to things that you think you want, the more likely you are to buy them.

Step 7: Don’t load up a truck for when you’re ready to make a trip. When you’re going on vacation, pack only half of the stuff you need. This will help you condition your mind to live with less things and make use of the things you have.

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